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The Waffle Cone officially opens new shop in Kendal

A WAFFLE company has officially opened its newest site today (April 9).

The Waffle Cone, which also has shops in Sedbergh, Settle and Windermere, has now opened in Kendal after weeks of work to get the Blackhall Yard site ready for hungry customers.

The shop offers a wide range of waffles and toppings are on offer for sweet-toothed patrons.

The shop is open every day from 11am to 5pm, with the possibility of opening later in the evenings in the future.

The idea for The Waffle Cone came around 3/4 years ago when Michael Gudgeon decided to start selling ice cream and waffles, then his daughter designed a logo and the first shop in ‘Settle’ opened and has since expanded to multiple shops across Cumbria.

On why they chose Kendal to open the new shop, Owner Michael Gudgeon said: “Kendal is an up and coming place, we have a shop in Sedbergh and Windermere so it fitted in between there.

“We are hoping to do delivery services from here and we feel like the Blackhall Yard is becoming a food area with various other food shops and stuff in the area so we thought it was a good fit.”

The shop was officially opened by Tim Farron MP he said: “It’s an honour to be asked, it’s wonderful because The Waffle Cone has been successful in the area in Sedbergh, Windermere and just over the way in North Yorkshire as well.

“It’s great to have them here in Kendal, in Blackhall Yard which is getting busier and busier. We really want Kendal to be a place that takes its proper place of being the gateway to the Lakes.”

Tim said that businesses like The Waffle Cone are important to Kendal high street making it ‘one of the best town centres in anywhere in the country’ He added: “You’ve got a whole range of independent operators and that makes Kendal quirky, unique and it makes people want to come here.”

Michael is hoping to one day expand the business even further.

He said the reaction from customers has been ‘very positive’ adding: “Everyone is liking the shop, they are loving the waffles that the girls are making so we are looking forward to a nice busy summer.”

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