How to Clean a Waffle Iron – Best Way to Clean a Waffle Iron

How to Clean Every Single Crevice in a Waffle Iron

The dichotomy between eating fluffy golden brown waffles doused in maple syrup and having to subsequently clean the waffle iron couldn’t be starker. Waffles are my sick-day food. They’re my Saturday morning food. They’re my it’s-a-snow-day-and-I-want-breakfast-for-dinner food. I jump off the couch at the opportunity to consume waffles, plain or studded with chocolate chips. But when it comes time to clean the waffle iron, I decide, in that moment, that it’s probably a good time for me to reorganize my closet, go through every shelf in my bookcase and make a donation pile of old YA romances, take up water polo, or read archived files from Watergate. Nothing defines the word “chore” like cleaning your waffle iron. And yet, it must be done. I will neither confirm nor deny whether or not I’ve ever cleaned a waffle iron before, but there’s no day like today, so let’s get into it.

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