Recipe: Delicious codfish cakes or bolinhos de bacalhau | Taste Porto

Bolo de bacalhau

The relationship between the Portuguese and cod is a passion with centuries of history.

How to make bolinhos de bacalhau?

Codfish, oh codfish… we can’t stop thinking about it! Boiled codfish, grilled codfish, boiled and then grilled, fried codfish with peppers, fried codfish with tomatoes, codfish cooked in stews, cooked in soufflés, cooked with rice, codfish served raw with onions and olives, as an appetizer, as a main dish, as a dessert (yes, we have a codfish ice cream too!), there is no way for you to escape the king of Portuguese cuisine. And why would you? This fantastic, versatile fish deserves its honorable place at our table well.

Today we present you with bolinhos de bacalhau, or codfish cakes, which will just do the trick as an appetizer when you have friends coming over. This particular recipe has a twist to it: just a hint of Port wine, to jazz it up a little bit!

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Curious? Hungry? Either way, come along and we’ll teach you how to make bolinhos de bacalhau!

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